Object-oriented GTK+ interface for (x)Harbour


xbGTK is an open source library for Linux and WIN32.
It allows to use GTK+ in programs written in xBase-like languages. At present, Harbour and xHarbour are supported.

The library is written by Phil Krylov.
It is based on the PyGTK - Project by James Henstridge. Some files are modified, though, to generate proper xBase code (instead of Python).

This software is covered by the GNU Library General Public Licence version 2. Or, if you choose, any later version. Basically just don't say you wrote bits, you didn't.

If you encounter any problems using xbGTK, please, before contacting me directly, first take a look at the xbGTK Mailing list on SourceForge. Otherwise feel free to send a bug report. Comments are also welcome.

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